Product Maintenance

Product Maintenance

The GraphOn Software Maintenance and Support Service provides a convenient way for customers to budget annually to receive technical support and software upgrades for their GraphOn software products. The benefits include:

  • Access to world class technical support. Expert assistance from experienced GraphOn technical support technicians to diagnose issues encountered with your GraphOn product.
  • Software updates at no additional cost. Download the latest software version or your GraphOn products at no additional cost.
  • Unlimited access to technical support technicians. Business hours coverage: 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Eastern Time (Monday through Friday excluding USA holidays).
  • A higher level of support. GraphOn technical support technicians are highly trained professionals who act as a single point of contact to provide you with a superior level of technical support. They add value by supplying a technical resource that acts as your advocate within GraphOn.
  • Building the technical relationship. GraphOn technical support technicians will develop a thorough, documented understanding of your technology requirements to enable efficient reaction to critical business issues. They will keep you informed, allowing both you and your company to stay abreast of the latest information and technical developments regarding your open issues.
  • Top priority: response. The GraphOn technical support team’s top responsibility is to respond to your advanced technical support needs. Having direct access to internal product development allows the team to quickly and correctly resolve issues, as well as help reduce future support and maintenance expenses. The support team is adaptable to your changing environment and will be available to you via email.
  • Your advocate at GraphOn. Our technical support technicians have extensive knowledge of GraphOn’s products and know how product changes may affect your environment. By studying these factors, your technical support engineer can help ensure a smooth transition to new product releases and updates. Your technical support technician will also channel your feedback on GraphOn products to the appropriate product development groups and orchestrate direct interaction with these teams as required.

The goal of the GraphOn Software Maintenance and Support Service is to provide the tools and knowledge needed to identify technical issues. Once identified, GraphOn will be able to recommend the next steps required to resolve the issue, from updating with the latest hotfix or service pack to product upgrades/migrations for older, outdated products. For some situations, GraphOn may determine that an escalation is required in order to further isolate the issue and potentially resolve with a custom hotfix. The appropriate steps to resolve technical product issues will be communicated by your GraphOn technical support technician.

GraphOn Software Maintenance and Support Service

GraphOn is committed to providing customers with responsive customer service, a great user experience, and the latest features and performance enhancements. The GraphOn Software Maintenance and Support Service (the “Service”) for GO-Global (the “Software”) is a subscription-based service that provides subscribers with access to GraphOn’s technical support resources and its latest product enhancements.

1. Software Maintenance

During the term of the Service, subscribers are eligible to receive certain software updates that GraphOn determines are necessary for proper system operation. This includes critical bug fixes, security patches, and maintenance patches. 
While most updates will appear seamless to end users, they will generally require a system administrator to download and install the update. In some cases, a system reboot or other action will be required.

  • From time to time, GraphOn may release new Software versions that include new features or functionality. These releases may require an upgrade fee and would not be covered under the Service. Alternatively, GraphOn may deliver a feature or function as an add-on module that may be charged separately.
    • It is GraphOn’s practice to support the current version of the Software and the immediate prior release, that is, the latest release of the Software that has a lower major or minor version number than the current release. Each new release of the Software constitutes written notice of GraphOn’s intention to terminate support for the earliest release presently being supported, unless GraphOn agrees otherwise, in writing, with respect to a specific earlier release.

    2. Rehost Policy

    Product licenses covered by the Service may be rehosted (moved from one computer to another) four (4) times during each one-year subscription period. Additional rehosts within a one-year subscription period will require a payment of 25% of the original license fee. When a rehosted license is placed into service, previous versions of the license may no longer be used.

    3. Obtaining Technical Support

    The following technical support options are available for the Software:

    • Knowledge Center. The GraphOn Knowledge Center contains a wide range of information pertaining to installation, configuration, usage and maintenance of the Software.
    • Online Forum.
    • Online Customer Portal.
    • Email Support. Sending an email to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it is the best way to contact technical support. Every email message sent to technical support is assigned a case number or updates an existing case.

    4. Scope of Service

    GraphOn technical support is provided on a best commercial effort basis via email or Web-based utilities. It generally includes the following:

    • Access to product documentation and online resources. Each Software release is delivered with an Administrator Guide and other documentation. This documentation and additional installation videos are available online.
    • Product installation and configuration assistance. GraphOn technical support technicians will assist customers who are experiencing installation difficulties. They will provide recommendations and guidance on how to configure GO-Global, and will provide suggestions for maximum performance, flexibility, and security.
    • Issue troubleshooting. Technical support technicians help troubleshoot issues and will provide solutions to issues, when they are available.

    5. Specific Exclusions

    GraphOn technical support does not include the following:

    • Manual customization of the Software or system configurations.
    • Application of the Software for any purpose for which it was not designed or intended to address.
    • Troubleshooting of unsupported operating systems or configurations that deviate from the supported examples provided by GraphOn.
    • Troubleshooting or resolution of issues related to Internet access quality, bandwidth, or other issues related to the customer’s Internet service provider(s).

    Assistance outside the scope of the Service may be provided at GraphOn’s discretion by GraphOn or third parties as consulting services at prevailing hourly rates.

    6. Response Time

    GraphOn will use all reasonable commercial efforts to respond to support inquiries under normal business conditions in accordance with the response time chart below. Response times may vary based on the volume and nature of incidents reported and is not guaranteed. Severity will be assigned by the GraphOn Technical Support team.

    “Response” is defined as acknowledgement of the support request, either via email or telephone, and assignment of the request to an appropriate resource for further communication. Customers must obtain a valid case number through email, Web, or from a GraphOn technical support agent.

    • Priority Level 1 – Critical: One or more of the following situations apply to the deployed applications or application development project and no work-around is available: System is unusable; System crashes under normal use; Normal use causes data corruption. For errors classified as Critical, GraphOn will use constant efforts to create a work-around or temporary solution.
    • Priority Level 1 Service and Coverage: Response within 2 business hours of the problem being received.*
    • Priority Level 2 – Major: A major part of the overall functionality of the Software is unavailable. The error(s) seriously affects the functionality of the GraphOn Software or disrupts the functionality of the system to the extent that such systems can only be used with reduced functionality or capacity. For errors classified as Major, GraphOn will, until completion of a temporary solution, report the progress of the correction work.
    • Priority Level 2 Service and Coverage: Response within 4 business hours of the problem being received.*
    • Priority Level 3 – Minor: Technical questions impacting the progress of a development project. An available work-around is acceptable. The error has no significant effect on the functionality of the GraphOn Software or the usability of the end user documentation.
    • Priority Level 3 Service and Coverage: Response within 2 business days of the problem being received.*
    • Priority Level 4 – Informational: Questions, low priority requests for information, reporting of inconsistencies between the Software and documentation, and requests for enhancements.
    • Priority Level 4 Service and Coverage: Response within 3 business days of the problem being received.*

    *8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Eastern Time, Monday through Friday. USA holidays excluded.

    7. Maintenance and Support Service General Terms and Conditions

    • Service must be purchased with each Host License and each Portal License. The initial term of Service is one (1) year, beginning on the day of the month on which the product code is delivered (“Anniversary Date”). The Service is optional in subsequent years, but must be purchased annually so long as the Service is desired. Annual fees for the Service are due prior to the beginning of each annual period and must be purchased for all host and portal licenses. It is not possible to purchase Service for less than the total number of licenses.
    • Only customers with a current, fully paid Service subscription will be entitled to receive the benefits outlined herein. Customers not electing to purchase Service after the first year will not be eligible to receive technical support or any maintenance service beyond this period.
    • The annual Service subscription is non-transferable. Resale of any GraphOn software is not allowed and will void any Service subscription in effect.
    • Customers must renew the annual Service subscription on or before the Anniversary Date to avoid any late fees. GraphOn must receive payment before the Anniversary Date. Customers are responsible for knowing the Anniversary Dates of their licenses.
    • All customers must request a Service quote from the vendor through which they purchased their GraphOn Software.
    • Once the Anniversary Date has passed, customers will be charged an additional 25% of the full Service fee as a late penalty fee to reinstate Service. The penalty fee will be added to the retroactive payment of the Service fee. In addition, customers will need to pay a one-year Service fee up front to cover the following year.
    • Once the Service payment has been received (including the late fees and the next year Service fee), the Anniversary Date will be set as a year from the payment date.
    • GraphOn may terminate this Service and issue a prorated refund at its discretion due to issues identified in Section 8 below.

    8. Grounds for Termination of Service by GraphOn

    GraphOn reserves the right to terminate the Service on the following grounds:

    • If modifications are made to the Software that compromise GraphOn’s ability to support it.
    • If tools, commands or other methods of program configuration are used that are not specifically provided by GraphOn or recommended by GraphOn technical support.
    • If the connection to the Software is closed down or not made available to GraphOn technical support.
    • If changes are made to any software included with the Software, including, but not limited to altering the versions of OS or any other supporting libraries or packages.
    • If additional kernel modules are installed or alternations are made to the operating system.
    • At GraphOn’s discretion, if a customer or a customer’s representative acts in an abusive or otherwise inappropriate manner, or if a customer’s technical environment is considered otherwise unsupportive.

    9. How to Renew Service

    Contact your GO-Global license provider (“GraphOn Partner”) or GraphOn directly for questions relating to the Service or Service renewal. Generally speaking, the GraphOn Partner that sold the licenses will also provide a quotation for Service renewal. In this case, the licensee’s (end user’s) commercial interactions will be with the providing GraphOn partner. If assistance is needed at any stage, contact a GraphOn Regional Manager.

    When service is renewed directly with GraphOn rather than with a GraphOn partner:

    • The company specified on all Service renewal purchase orders must be: GraphOn Corporation, 6 Loudon Road, Suite 200, Concord, New Hampshire 03301, USA.
    • Submit your purchase orders to GraphOn using email (preferred), or mail. Email to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it . Mail to: GraphOn Corporation, 6 Loudon Road, Suite 200, Concord, New Hampshire 03301, USA, Attn: Order Processing.
    • Please include a signed copy of your Service quote with all Service purchase orders.
    • Unless credit terms are approved, payment must be prepaid via wire transfer or credit card. Provide credit card details on your purchase order or bank confirmation that your payment has been initiated via wire transfer. GraphOn will process the order once payment is received