Maintenance PhasesPhases of Maintenance and Support during the Product Life Cycle

The life cycle of a GraphOn product is divided into three phases: Mainstream Maintenance, Extended Maintenance, and End of Life.

Mainstream Maintenance Phase

Upon General Availability, products are fully supported and maintained until the End of Maintenance date. GraphOn will provide code level maintenance in the form of hotfixes or service packs when GraphOn determines they are required to resolve issues with the product. The release of a Service Pack may define a new maintenance baseline for the product. GraphOn customers may be required to upgrade to a Service Pack to receive continued maintenance on the product. Technical support is offered through various avenues as specified in the Support sections of the GraphOn Web site.

Extended Maintenance Phase

After a product release reaches its End of Maintenance date, it is considered to be in the Extended Maintenance Phase. During this phase, technical support continues as before but code level maintenance will be limited to security related issues deemed critical by GraphOn. Security issues will be corrected through hotfixes compatible with the product’s current maintenance baseline. This maintenance baseline is dictated by the current Service Pack. Security issues could be related to publicly identified security vulnerabilities, other security vulnerabilities, or Microsoft’s publicly released security updates.

The decision to enter a particular product into the Extended Maintenance Phase is intended to balance the need for orderly customer transitions with the desire to provide customers with the most current, functionally superior, and stable solutions available through new products or newer versions of existing products. Customer desires for new capabilities and constantly evolving technologies influence the life cycle for GraphOn products, including enhancements to existing products as well as migrations to newer platforms.

End of Life Phase

Once a product release reaches its End of Life date, the customer may continue to use the product within the terms of product licensing agreement but the available support options will be limited. While there may be historical information in the Knowledge Base or other online resources, it is no longer updated and is provided on an as-is basis. The customer will be using the product within the terms of the product license as-is.

Summary Table


Mainstream Maintenance

Extended Maintenance

Non-security hotfix maintenance
Feature enhancements
Product specific information that is available in the online GraphOn Knowledge Base
Paid technical support (per support plan and others)
Security related hotfix maintenance

GraphOn’s Product Life Cycle Support policy is intended exclusively for the benefit of existing GraphOn customers with respect to the products they have already purchased. It is not intended to apply to other products or to any other third parties. GraphOn reserves the right to make changes to its Product Life Cycle Support policy in its sole discretion from time to time as business needs require. Policy statements on will be updated to reflect any changes upon their effective date.