Submitting a GO-Global for UNIX / Linux Technical Support Problem using Report a Problem Wizard

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For technical issues, questions, or feature requests, you are required to open a support case in order to make your request "official." Once you have been assigned a case, there may be combination of phone calls or emails, but all communication is "tracked" to your case number.

GO-Global for UNIX Report a Problem Wizard

The GO-Global client offers a way to create a "problem report", including relevant log files, which can be submitted to GraphOn.

To supply the data required by the GraphOn Support team to efficiently process your case you will need first login to the your GO-Global server before activating the Problem Wizard.

To use this feature, select Report a Problem from the Help menu. This will start a wizard that will help you collect the relevant information for your problem. The first dialog in the wizard will ask for a description of the problem.

Clicking the Next button will take you to the client log selection page. On this page, all available client logs and their timestamps are listed to help identify the most recent. You can select any or all of these log files to include in your problem report.

Clicking Next will cause the wizard to display the connection log selection page. This page lists all connection-level logs as they exist on the server. You can select any of all of these logs to include with your problem report. Note that only logs from the host of the currently active connection tab are listed.

Clicking Next will display the session log selection page. From here, select the session log(s) that you want to include with your problem report.

Clicking Next will cause the wizard to prompt for a filename to save the report into. Select a suitable location and filename for your problem report.

Finally, the wizard will create the problem report and ask that it be sent to GraphOn.