Customer Success

Customer Testimonial

“Our partnership with GraphOn and use of the GO-Global technology has allowed us to rapidly Web-enable our applications with all the benefits that brings. This has placed us in a strong competitive position.”

Stephen McCallum
Business Development Director, Tiger Communications

Telecommunications Case Studies

GO-Global telecommunications network managementGO-Global Helps Telecommunications Leader Alcatel-Lucent Make the Right Connections

Customer: Alcatel-Lucent is a worldwide leader in telecommunications solutions.

Requirement: Needed Windows XP thin-client access to the legacy CMC 1300 centralized network management system encompassing both UNIX and Windows applications.

Solution: GO-Global for Windows and GO-Global for UNIX.


  • Cost-effective, server-based solution eliminated need to rewrite the applications.
  • Easy access to applications from any location, platform and operating system.
  • Strong authentication and security.
  • Eliminates the need for Windows Terminal Server and client-side X servers.

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GraphOn Has the Right Answer for AT&T Cingular Wireless

Customer: When AT&T recently merged with Cingular Wireless, the result was the nation’s foremost wireless carrier with the largest digital voice and data network in the country.

Requirement: Needed to improve performance and response times for internal users accessing the company’s UNIX-based network management applications.

Solution: GO-Global for UNIX.


  • High-performance UNIX application access from any client over any connection.
  • Improved overall user satisfaction.
  • Outstanding data compression and security.

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GO-Global Answers the Call for Easy and Affordable Web-enabled Access to Windows Applications

Customer: Tiger Communications is a leading supplier of call management software solutions.

Requirement: Needed a way to quickly and cost-effectively Web-enable its Tiger 2020 software suite.

Solution: GO-Global for Windows.


  • Instant browser-based access without the need to rewrite applications.
  • Improved manageability and security.
  • Increased customer satisfaction.
  • Improved competitive position.

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